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Portuguese Language Courses in Lisbon center in 2018Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas
The concept of learning together at Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas, in Lisbon, Portugal, was born from how sardines live: in a community. Learning Portuguese alone can be challenging (and at times boring!). At Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas they want students to learn with teachers, but also with other students. When you learn a language it is essential to have knowledge of grammar, yet without practicing it will you be able to communicate?

They are dedicated to teach Portuguese as a foreign language. They organize intensive courses of one or two weeks, which correspond to one level. They also organize extensive courses on Saturdays, for those who do not have availability during the week. For those who can not fit with in the dates and times of our courses, there is the option to take private lessons (possible for one or two students) and for those who can not come to Escola de Línguas das Sardinhas,…

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